Wellington Laboratories (Canada), our partner, will support this great scientific event by being the main sponsor of the congress.

Our partner, Laboratoires Chiron AS will also be present and will present their advances in the field of chlorinated kerosenes.

After two years between brackets, the whole scientific community will be pleased to meet again to exchange on a very rich program which concerns in particular emerging pollutants and in particular persistent pollutants such as perfluorinated compounds, micro- and nano-plastics, electronic waste and many other brominated flame retardants.

PFASs -per- and polyfluoroalkylated substances- will be at the center of the discussions. Indeed, these substances, considered as carcinogenic and dangerous for man and his environment, are more and more incriminated all over the world. They number in the thousands and are all persistent. Their elimination is very difficult and many researchers are now working on the subject to try to find sustainable solutions.

The regulation of persistent organic pollutants is also on the agenda: it concerns polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), microplastics and chloroalkanes, among others.

The conferences and poster sessions will certainly be a great opportunity for all our client-researchers to learn about the current state of research in these specific areas and to share their own scientific experiences with other researchers from around the world. They will have the opportunity to compare the analytical techniques used, particularly in mass spectrometry, the preparation of samples in gas and/or liquid chromatography and they will be able to discuss, among colleagues, the problems encountered and the solutions envisaged.

Such meetings can only advance science!

Finally, New Orleans is a city that hosts many scientific conferences, but it is also a unique place to have fun, enjoy the local jazz, visit its colorful neighborhoods and taste the local cuisine. It goes without saying that the program will have something for everyone!