SIMION®: the reference software for optical simulation

BCP Instruments supplies SIMION, the instrument design and development software for 3D electronic optics. It is used to check certain instruments used in analysis laboratories.


SIMION was initially developed by Latrobe University (Don McGilvery, Melbourne, Australia) at the end of the 1970s, then taken over as a PC version in the United States until version 7.SIS/ADAPTAS is continuing to develop version 8.0 and subsequent versions (8.1 and 8.2 in 2020).

Areas of application

SIMION is a software package mainly used to calculate electric fields for electrodes of defined voltages and the trajectories of ions in these fields.

The platform is versatile and has been widely used for over 30 years to simulate lens systems, mass spectra and other types of particle-optical systems. This is why it is particularly recommended for the design and improvement of instruments and mass spectrometers and, more generally, ion optics systems.

SIMION is the reference for the simulation of charge particle optics and is suitable for a wide variety of systems involving low-frequency (MHz) static RF fields in 2D or 3D:

“from the flight of ions through simple electrostatic and magnetic lenses to particle guns, via highly complex instrumentation, including time-of-flight, ion traps, quadrupoles, ICR cells and other MS optics, ion sources and detectors.”

SIMION® key features

SIMION allows you to:

    • Calculate electric and magnetic fields from 2D and 3D static or RF (quasi-static) models,
    • Define geometry more easily,
    • Calculate the trajectories of the charged particles,
    • Customise user programmes,
    • Save the data,
    • Visualise, optimise and analyse results,
    • Programming and automating capacities.

More information on the new feature of SIMION® 8.2 andSIS/ADAPTAS.

Marketing SIMION®

SIMION® 2020 is marketed under 3 types of licence, each adapted to the user’s needs:

    • Standard SIMIONC version 2020 licence (1 licence = 1 workstation)
    • The SIMIONAL 2020 version academic licence, available for 1 year
    • SIMIONLK version 2020 licence, for universities and research centres (kit of up to 30 licences)

You can also update your existing licences with:

    • SIMIONCU standard licence
    • SIMIONLKU academic licence

More information on SIMION® andSIS/ADAPTAS.

Technical Support

Basic technical support is included in the SIMION licence 2020. Users can join the SIMION community to share their experience and be informed when minor updates are available.

Extended technical support (SIMIONS): users can subscribe to this extended technical support if they need additional developments (data conversion, custom programming, etc.).

    More information on SIMION® andSIS/ADAPTAS.

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