Laboratory spare parts and consumables

SIS/ADAPTAS, the leader in mass spectrometry products and services

SIS, Scientific Instrument Services, is an American company specialising in the supply of mass spectrometry products and services. Its mission is to support you in your research and development projects by offering solutions tailored to your needs and budget. The company is founded on the values of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

It is a division of Adaptas Solutions, part of the IMI Precision Engineering Group. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Palmer, MA and Pipersville, PA.

For over 30 years, SIS has been developing, manufacturing and distributing supplies for mass spectrometry laboratories, also equipped with gas and/or liquid chromatography. In particular, it manufactures and repairs numerous filaments for mass spectrometers, as well as other spare parts for various measuring instruments used by the scientific community. It is also thanks to its very specific equipment for welding, sandblasting, electropolishing and cleaning that SIS is able to manufacture these high-precision parts.

SIS works closely with its partners, who are world leaders in the manufacture of mass spectrometry machines and software. Its customers include research laboratories, universities, industry and public bodies. Its teams are made up of qualified professionals with experience in the field of mass spectrometry.

Scientific Instrument Services is ISO 9001 certified.

BCP Instruments has represented SIS in France since 1989. This partnership allows us to offer you a high quality service and to benefit from an attentive listening from SIS. We invite you to contact us for more information about our products and services, or to visit the SIS/ADAPTAS website.