Per- & polyfluoroalkyl substances, PFAS

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PFASs are synthetic chemicals which all have very stable carbon-fluorine bonds. They form a large family of over 4000 chemical compounds.

They are extremely persistent and accumulate everywhere, including in wild animals and human beings. Their use is multiple: coatings and protective coatings for clothing, furniture, food packaging, non-stick pans, waterproofing spray, extinguishing foams … These substances, which are highly volatile, easily contaminate foodstuffs, surface and ground water and are found far from their place of production.

Wellington has been interested in PFAS since 2004, and the number of native and/or carbon-13-marked standards has risen steadily ever since. While PFOS and PFOA are the best-known persistent substances in the environment, there are now thousands of these pollutants and it is proving very difficult to assess their environmental risk.

Wellington has prepared mixtures in accordance with EPA Methods 533, 537 and ISO 21675. The regulation of per- and polyfluoroalkylated substances is a topical issue, in order to limit their inappropriate use.

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