NIST & WILEY: mass spectra libraries

NIST & WILEY Collections: the world reference for the general identification of unknown compounds

BCP Instruments provides specific software for mass spectrometry laboratories to identify spectra, convert data files and control certain instruments present in analysis laboratories. We recommend using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) mass spectra database, which is the most widely used library of general compounds in the world of mass spectrometry. The combination of the NIST database and the Wiley Registry™ 2023 Edition library offers many benefits, such as:

  • unequalled coverage of organic compounds
  • greater reliability in identifying unknown spectra
  • optimised speed for online searches.

This is why combining the 2 collections is an essential tool for the general identification of unknown compounds.

BCP Instruments is the distributor for the entire range in France.

To help you choose the solution best suited to your specific software requirements, we have listed all the references available from SIS/ADAPTAS, which you can consult online. Contact us using the form below to obtain a quote.

Discover the power of NIST 23

The NIST mass spectra database is the world reference for mass spectrometry, as it contains three types of data: electron impact ionisation (EII) mass spectra, tandem mass spectra (MS) and gas chromatography (GC) retention indices.

Based on more than 3 decades of development by mass spectrometry experts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), it is the world’s most comprehensive and widely used library of reference mass spectrometry databases.

The main improvements in the new NIST 23 version are as follows:

    • The EI library has been enriched with over 40K new compounds and research is available online,
    • The MS library now has over 51K compounds,
    • The spectra library is combined with NIST MS Search online software to identify your unknown spectra. Version 3.0 offers improved software and metadata.

To date, NIST 23 is available in 2 versions:

    • Standard NIST23 versionis recommended for the majority of users;
    • The specific Agilent NIST23AG version is recommended for Agilent ChemStation/MassHunter users. The specific Agilent NIST23AG version is

The Multiformat/Shimadzu version will soon be available in 2023.

It is also possible to update your existing databases to NIST 23 :

    • Standard version NIST23U
    • Agilent NIST23AGU version

It will soon be possible to update the Multiformat/Shimadzu version.

Check SIS/ADAPTAS website.

Discover WILEY specific libraries

BCP Instruments also offers other Wiley specific libraries:

    • The world’s largest library of electron ionization (EI) mass spectra: Wiley Registry™ of Mass Spectral Data, 2023 Edition
    • The Wiley library of Lipid mass spectra
      • Reference 9781119289388, more information on SIS/ADAPTAS
    • The Wiley Library of Pesticide Mass Spectra with LRI, 2nd edition
      • Reference 9781119284048, more information on SIS/ADAPTAS
    • The Wiley library of synthetic Drugs, 2023
      • Reference 9783527352883, more information on SIS/ADAPTAS
    • The Wiley Mass Spectral Library of Drugs, Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants and their Metabolites 2023, 6th Edition
      • Reference 9783527352869, more information on SIS/ADAPTAS
    • The Wiley FFNSC Library – Mass Spectra of Flavours and Fragrances of Natural and Synthetic Compounds, 3rd Edition
      • Reference 9781119069843, more information on SIS/ADAPTAS
    • The Wiley MMHW LC-HR-MS/MS library of drugs, poisons and their metabolites
      • Reference 9783527343386, more information on SIS/ADAPTAS
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