Filament repair

Our solutions for repairing your filaments

The repair of certain mass spectrometer filaments can be envisaged in certain cases, provided that a qualified expert is called in for this operation. Filament is a delicate element that requires special tools and know-how. Repair generally involves restoring the component to optimum working order. This has major benefits, particularly in ecological and economic terms, as it extends the life of the filament. Filament repair is therefore an excellent alternative to buying a new filament.

This is why BCP Instruments offers the repair of the following filaments:

  • Agilent Varian ITD, 5971, 5972, 73, 7XXX, 75 and 77 (EI and CI) ;
  • Thermo GCQ/Polaris, DSQ and Ion Trap ;
  • Shimadzu QP5000, QP2010/2020 ;
  • PKI Marathon, CLARUS Rhenium and Tungsten ;
  • Waters Quattro, Autospec, GCT & Quattro Micro, GCT (CI), GCT Premier (CI) & Micro (CI) ;

We also offer EI filament repair for JEOL Accutof.

Finally, if you would like to have your filaments repaired, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also discover below the repair options offered by our partner SIS/ADAPTAS to meet your filament repair needs.

Handling the filament: a technical and delicate but essential operation

How is the repair operation carried out?

Repairing the mass spectrometer filament requires specific tools and skills. First, dismantle the ionisation system and carefully remove the filament. Next, clean the filament with a suitable solvent to remove any sample or material residue. The condition of the filament must then be checked and straightened if necessary. If the filament is broken or too worn, replace it with a new one. The ionisation system then needs to be reassembled and the mass spectrometer calibrated to ensure that it is working properly.

The importance of using a filament in good working order

The mass spectrometer filament is an essential part of the ionisation system used to measure the isotopic composition of a sample. This is a very thin metal wire that heats up under the effect of an electric current and emits electrons. These electrons are then accelerated towards the sample to fragment it into ions. If the filament is damaged or worn, it can reduce the sensitivity and accuracy of the mass spectrometer. It is therefore important to repair or replace it regularly.

The expertise of SIS/ADAPTAS to repair your filament

Since 1978, SIS, Scientific Instrument Services Inc. (part of ADAPTAS group), manufactures and repairs mass spectrometer filaments. More specifically, SIS is equipped with all the cutting-edge equipment needed for these technical and delicate services.

There are several repair options available from our partner SIS/ADAPTAS:

  • Standard repairing: identical to the original filament.
  • SISAlloy®: the alloy developed by SIS (pure rhenium with a small concentration of yttria) is used to improve filament strength and performance.
  • Yttria: the filament is coated with a thin layer of yttria for improved filament performance.
  • SISAlloy® coated with yttria: the combination of yttria with the alloy developed by SIS would significantly increase the life of the filament.

Contact us for more information,

Check SIS/ADAPTAS website.

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