NIST20 is now available

It is the largest library with over 350,000 EI spectra and an MS/MS library of over 31,000 compounds. NIST has made a major update in the areas of: fragrances and scents, metabolites, drugs, forensics…

NIST20 is the recommended mass spectrometry library for most major research laboratories. Licenses are always offered in either standard (NIST20), Agilent-specific (NIST20AG) or multi-format (NIST20MF) versions, especially for Shimadzu. If you already have a license, it is possible to update it; do not hesitate to contact us visit.

For more detailed information, here is the link to the website of our partner ADAPTAS.

WILEY 12 is the new edition that replaces version 11

A lot of work has been done for this new version, especially to remove some “suspicious” spectra from the old version. More than 41,000 new spectra have been added to this library which is the reference for all researchers.

Additional information is available here   et pour l’achat de nouvelle licence ou la mise à jour de vos licences, n’hésitez pas   également à contact us directly.