Many of you ask us to recondition your mass spectrometer filaments; especially when these filaments are expensive. Until now, we could have most mass spectrometer filaments reconditioned. Our partner has revised its service offer and now the list of filaments is much smaller. We still recondition the following filaments: Agilent 5971, 5972, 73, 74XX, 75 and 77 (EI and CI); Thermo DSQ and Ion Trap; Shimadzu QP5000, QP2010/2020 and PKI Marathon, CLARUS rhenium and tungsten filaments; WATERS QUATTRO, AUTOSPEC and GCT.

We have a new partner who reconditions EI filaments for JEOL ACCUTOF. If you wish to have other models of filaments reconditioned, please consult us.

The current lead time is approximately 8 weeks.

We always offer several reconditioning options:

Standard: identical to the original filament.

SISAlloy®: the alloy developed by SIS (pure rhenium with a small concentration of yttria) is used to improve filament strength and performance.

Yttria: the filament is covered with a thin layer of yttria.

SISAlloy® coated with yttria: the combination of yttria with the alloy developed by SIS would significantly increase the life of the filament.