The most recent version of NIST is NIST20, which is the successor to NIST17 and is available in all the formats of the earlier versions: the standard version, the Agilent format version (which includes the standard version), and the Shimadzu/Multiformat version. Many improvements have been made to this NIST20 library, both in the search software and in the number of compounds included in each EI MS, MS MS and GC RI library. You will find a lot of interesting information here. If there are any questions, we are here to answer them.

The DVD contains the installation software, libraries and documentation. If you do not have a DVD player, you can download your license using the code provided on the DVD.

Finally, we can also update the license you are already using, regardless of the year it was installed. Do not hesitate to contact us to check which version will suit you. Note that NIST20 can only be installed on a computer.